My Autobiography

(I will try to put more details on this autobiography. This is intended to bring a vivid details of my life. No harm is intended for this.) 

My name is Jeffrey Oanes  Cabatuando. I was born on February 26, 1989 at Pambuan,  Gapan City, Nueva Ecija by Juan De Guzman Cabatuando and Teresita Oanes Cabatuando. I have two brothers and one sister namely in order, Jover, Theresa and Archie. I am the eldest of four. I went to a Day Care Center at the age of five at Pambuan Day Care Center. It was fun at Daycare. Our teacher is reading us a story everyday. I remember, one time she’s reading us a story and I farted. She asked everyone who did it, and when it’s my turn, I didn’t lie and told her that was me. She got mad and stold me that I should have excused myself and went outside to fart. So,  I immediately told her, “Excuse me”. I went outside.  She asked me, “Where are you going?”. “I will fart” I said.  I asked her to come to me. She was wondering why but I insisted her to come. Once she’s there, I told her, “There you go”. I don’t remember anymore if I really farted again, but as a kid,  I do what they tell me to do. Anyway,  back to the story thing.  The story I recall the most is about a guy named Tembong Mandarambong, who stole all the brooms in their town in order for him to build a castle or house (I don’t remember) at the top of a high place so everybody could see it. The time came that the people of the town has no brooms to use to clean their area, that the town was filled with garbages. Tembong’s dream came true.  He was able to build his house at the top of a high place but the wind blew against it and destroyed his castle/house. Well, that’s all I remember most about this story and I don’t even remember anymore the moral lesson (but I always think it as “to not build a house out of tambos at the top of a mountain😀”).

As a kid, I usually do what I see from adults. I don’t know why. I just do them. 

I was good with my classmates. I only remember Kenneth Pascual, Jimboy Montemayor, Ellain Joy Bernardo and Dave( relative of Kenneth and Elaine, who used to be our neighbor).

I was like a typical kid. I play a lot. But unlike other kids in our neighborhood who can cross the road to play, I just usually stay at our side of the road because of the fear that my mom will get mad at me and spunk me. I hate being spunk. But I had playmates though like Toting Tabatchoy (Fernan), Kambal (John Floyd and Fohn franz), Leng Leng Duling and Ekang Puke. Off course, that includes my siblings. (Those idealized words are the words bully words).

 I attended Pambuan Elementary School at the age of 6. My mom tries to send me to Kindergarden but the teacher said that my age should be in Grade 1. So,  my mom just sent me to Grade 1. I was at section 2 with Mam Pascual. I became an Escort of the class. 

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